Rules and Regulations

The MRSS "Ka-Vroom" Soapbox Derby is intended to be a fun-filled family event, designed to encourage participation through a parent‐child team build. 

The intention is to create an occasion to spend many happy hours designing and constructing a soap box car for a weekend event. Of course, the adult will help in the building of the car, but it is the “child’s vision" for the car that we are hoping to see. 

This Derby is meant to be an enjoyable learning experience for all:  the parent/guardian ‐ child team, the spectators, the organizers, and the sponsors. It is meant to provide an opportunity to develop mutual respect, trust, and understanding; and will demonstrate the importance of individual pride and sportsmanship.

The MRSS “Ka-Vroom” Soapbox Derby is for "home built" cars only and in the booklet located at the "Building your Cart" page of this website. There, you will find specifications for the racers, safety specifications and some suggested design details. Apart from the safety and specifications, do not feel unduly restricted by the information given.

 Please feel free to use your own imagination and design with the materials and skills that you and your child have.

It is important that you get started early on your racer. Plan to spend at least 50 hours on the task, including design, searching for parts and materials, building and testing. The child should be working on the many small jobs involved. Arrange to have access to a work area large enough to accommodate the completed car, with a door wide enough to get it through.

Everyone must have their waiver signed and submitted in order to race!  The waiver will be sent to the participants via email, and it is expected to be printed on one page, double sided (Info on the front, signatures on the back).  The waiver must be delivered to MRSS (Maple Ridge Secondary School) prior to race day.  Visit the "Register" page to download a copy of our waiver.

NOTE: All carts that will be racing at Ka-Vroom must be built to be at least as safe as those suggested in our "Official Rules and Regulations."  Please visit the "Building your Cart " page of this website to see a copy of this booklet.  The carts will be inspected to insure safety at our event.